As I was passing by the gifts and books section of a local grocery store, I couldn’t help but notice the title, Worry-Free Living by a famous author. Honestly, the book drew my attention for only one reason – there is no such thing as a worry-free life!

I’m not a philosopher, nor am I famous, but one thing I’ve experienced over the years is that worry never completely disappears. That's only the bad news; but the good news is that I've learned to not let worry and fear control me. While I may never be totally worry-free, I can worry less. Life is so crazy sometimes, and if we let it, our circumstances can take over without much effort on our part.

You may already associate me with healthier recipes, and if you’re around me long enough, you’ll soon discover that I do my research when it comes to health. But what many people totally miss is the fact that there is something just as important, if not more important, than healthier ingredients – and that is our level of stress.

There are so many things that can put a weight on our shoulders, but there is one specific area I hear about that stresses people the most – finances. We were once there, too. We’ve experienced financial stress for many years before we realized there was something we could do about it. It wasn’t just the cards we were dealt, but more importantly how we handled the cards we were dealt.

You see, when we are over-stressed in an area of our life, especially for an extended period of time, so many other areas of our life are impacted – marriage, kids, work, health, etc. But what I’ve learned is that if I can manage some of the stressors (or worries) in my life, I can focus better on the things that matter more.

There's a saying worth repeating, “Focus on what you can control; Let go of what you can’t.”

Contrary to popular belief, there are things we can take control of so that they don’t control us – one of them is money. Therefore, if we can learn to manage our money and a few other areas well, we can reduce stress in that particular area.

For years, I thought that this is just the way it is, and one day we’d just make a lot more money, and that would fix our money problems. Boy, was I wrong!

We all know that more money doesn't necessarily "fix" anything, yet we still thought that would be the only answer. We had a lot more fixing to do than just with our money. Little did we know that money problems are only the symptom of something much deeper.

Getting out of debt for good and making the choice to never go back has taught us more about life itself than it did about money. Those are some of the things I’ll be sharing in Creating a Less-Worried Life, along with all the personal stories that come with it.

I truly believe that LESS IS MORE.

"Humility isn't thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." ~C.S. Lewis

We have experienced something in our life in the last few years that is worthy of teaching to others. I hear so often of people who want to "downsize" and get rid of everything they own and just live a life without all that extra stuff. Why is it so? Is it true that less is more? Minimalism and "tiny homes" are becoming more popular, and it's for good reason. People are realizing that all their "stuff" really has been getting in the way of just living their life!

While I won't be teaching minimalism, I will be giving insight to the common-sense ways we got on track to minimize our spending, increase our income, plan for emergencies, give to others, got our family all on the same page, and live a more meaningful life.

This really is possible, and we are proof. I've put together a list of steps to take to get on the road to living a less-worried life - and that's what I want to give to you for FREE in this 5-day email series, Creating a Less-Worried Life: Better with Money.

Each day (5 days total) you will receive one new email with encouragement and steps to take toward the path to a life with less worry.

You will encounter my personal experiences, some of which I've never mentioned on my blog before. I share real-life examples of our struggles and mention all the resources we used to lead us in the right direction. Take all the valuable information I give, and let it motivate you and your family!

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